Bikes For No Reason Book

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Questions about the book

  1. Why did you choose to include these bicycles in the book?

    The bicycles chosen to be in the book fit into one of two categories. The first is bikes that are obtainable for those who are looking to color up something they either intend to purchase or have purchased. The second category is bikes that if you did have you wouldn't really want to customize them due to their history and value. When they are on paper you can do what ever you want to with them. (seriously you don't have to follow the lines)

  2. Will you draw my bike for me?


    There are so many bicycles out there it is impossible to only make one book. I'm sure there will be more to come.

  3. How accurate are these drawings?

    I assure you I have done my best to ensure each bicycle has been visually depicted as accurately as possible. However they are not mathematically perfect. Since I did not always have an actual frame to measure. Most of these bikes you will notice are not stock. There are many customizations and aftermarket parts included in them. It is nearly impossible to find a complete stock bicycle. Even when purchased new from a store a bicycle is often modified to fit the customer.

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